El Racó "Deliris"

Fall in love with yourself
and with life

Gestalt Therapy, Bach Flowers, Psycho-energetic Healing

El Racó “Deliris” is a space for psychological well-being with the aim of supporting you to re-connect with yourself, with other people and with nature. Respect yourself, fall in love with yourself and build healthy, conscious and ethical affective and sexual relationships.



Holistic Therapy, caring and balancing your




Energetic and spiritual


so that you can

create a healthy relationship with yourself

✓  respect and value “your difference”

✓  love yourself with everything you are and have lived

✓  discover “your essence and authenticity”

✓  connect with your passions and purpose in life

✓  fall in love with yourself and with life

✓  live from abundance, fulfillment and joy

build conscious and ethical relationships

within monogamy and consensual non-monogamy such as polyamory and relational anarchy, in which two or more whole (or at least, fairly whole) people come together because they love each other’s company.

enjoy a space of community

where you can connect with yourself, with nature and with others.

In the Racó “Deliris” we provide a multipurpose space in nature, in which we carry out workshops, talks, courses and meetings such as:

Who are we at Racó "Deliris"?

Meet the people who are part of this space, designed to take care of you and accompany you on the way to meet your best version.


of people who have undergone a therapeutic process with us:

In my case the main problem was the fear of and insecurity towards someone in my work environment, added to a low self-esteem. The therapeutic process and the treatment with Bach flowers helped me a lot to express my feelings and emotions, and to be more calm and relaxed; so I could try to be myself in society, especially in the workplace. I got a total follow-up of the process with specific guidelines to follow, which were very helpful. I felt very comforted and above all very understood during this difficult moment I was living.

SC (52)

Iris, your being and being by my side always helped me in those times of fear and anxiety! Thank you!

AM (57)

Thanks to Iris my life changed completely, she helped me to see things from another perspective and thanks to the therapy I am now happier than ever. She also showed me how to believe a little more in myself. It was a transcendent moment in my life and it helped me a lot.

BDC (37)

The therapy has helped me to find my emotional and energetic center and to calm anguish and stress. When I started therapy I was at a point in my life where I had lost my way and the therapy helped me to return to my balance and inner peace. Above all it has given me tools to know how to deal with distress and anxiety crises. It has also helped me to know how to say things at the right time and to point things out to people when necessary. I have learned to look inward understanding myself and from there find an answer to my problems.

MR (31)

During the therapeutic process I felt as if I would have been thrown into a well with a stone on my feet and when I was reaching the bottom, I let go and came back to the surface, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes.

MO (60)
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Our values are based on:

ꕤ  We are joy and abundance

Joy is the highest vibration of all emotions; It helps us recognize, attract, and enjoy abundance in life.

ꕤ  Diversity enriches

We value and respect the authenticity and essence of each person.

(We work from the respect and recognition of diversity: Neurodiversity, functional, body, gender, sexual and relationship diversity, among many other diversities).

ꕤ  Balance between body, mind, emotions and soul.

When we accept, respect and balance all that we are, we can discover our own power to create the reality we wish to live.

ꕤ  We are social beings

We need to build healthy and equitable social relations in order to share and support us on life’s journey. We need to remember our cooperative nature in order to create together in community.

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